Mighty Real: A Queer/Tech Podcast

Why We Should Be Talking More About Queer/Tech History (Interview with Blair Simmons)

October 07, 2023 Blair Simmons Season 1 Episode 1
Mighty Real: A Queer/Tech Podcast
Why We Should Be Talking More About Queer/Tech History (Interview with Blair Simmons)
Show Notes

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During this introductory episode, podcast host Jamison Edgar shares the origin story of Mighty Real and their research with Queer/Tech. Major themes of the series are introduced — technological affordance, computational labor, and queer knowledge networks. Then Jamison is joined by queer + anxious artist, Blair Simmons for a conversation about the artist's practice and her relationship to technology, uslessness, pleasure, and failure.


Blair Simmons
Artist Website

I am a queer and anxious artist, curator, researcher, storyteller, and technician working in as many mediums as will have me. 

"I enjoy exploring themes of technology, labor, bodies, and pain. In my making and iterative process, I often need to move both quickly and carefully, in a race against time as my own chronically pain-ridden body shuts down. My physical process of making mimics the daily pain of working and labor: warping, distorting, grinding and wearing down. My pieces are both critical of and dependent on technology, mirroring the ways technology can be a solution to my chronic pain, and the source of the pain itself.

I am currently teaching at the Interactive Media Arts and Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. My research often materializes as objects and performances which have been performed at the likes of Pioneer Works, La Mama’s CultureHub, Wordhack at Babycastles, theBlanc, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I have been mentioned in publications like PARtake, The Scotsman, USA Today, The Guardian, NYTimes, etc."

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